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In today’s episode, we’re talking to Chase Dimond, head of growth at The Discoverer, a community of more (now) than 1.8 Million travelers across their social media accounts and newsletter.

In his early twenties, Chase was building and running the company’s marketing team, brokering major partnerships, and testing out new growth tactics that netted the company major returns.

After that, Chase went on to start and grow a couple of his own projects – one of which was in the social media space and got acquired by their largest competitor.

All of this led Chase to meet his business partner at The Discoverer, where he’s led the charge on growing the company’s email list now to more than 450,000 subscribers in less than 7 months. 7 months!

In Today’s Episode, we talk about:

02:20 What book Chase is reading at the moment (Tools of Titans).
03:35 Some businesses he worked on while at college.
04:46 What he did after graduating from college.
07:26 How he scaled his college business.
10:52 Some of his side projects at college.
12:11 How he structured deals with the clients they had.
15:02 A description of what Bernie Singles is.
18:19 What The Discoverer is.
20:29 How he was able to grow his email list to over 300,000 subscribers in such a short time.
23:05 How he uses Facebook groups to grow his audience.
25:23 Some advice for people who want to convert their Instagram following to email subscribers.
29:31 Some other ways he automates and grows his audience.
31:39 How he was able to get free content during the early days of The Discoverer.
35:32 We find out if he is monetizing his community.
37:09 How he is funding the business right now.
39:15 His advice for people who want to get their first 100 Subscribers
40:56 Some of the failures he’s had at The Discoverer.
42:35 The best investment he’s ever made when it comes to validating a business idea.
43:33 How he drove traffic to The Discoverer initially.


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Resources Mentioned:

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris


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In this episode, we talk to Chase Dimond, Head of Growth at The Discoverer, a community of more than 1.8 Million travelers about how they grew to more than 450,000 email subscribers and 1.5 million social followers in just 6 months (as a side project). We dig into Chase's various other side projects over the years, how he sold his last company and started The Discoverer.


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